White Arrow is a dive equipment brand that supplies advanced cave diving exploration tools, worldwide since 2009.

Design main focus is on high quality Mfg with CNC 5 axis, such as those used  for Aerospace, while reducing parts and points of failure when combined with high quality materials.

White Arrow product line is based in a innovative and unique modular system philosophy. Two main rebreather models, as well as a complete line of accesories for the rebreather and cave diver.

Rebreather machines that been utilized up to 13hrs at 500ft depth., have proof been valuable tools for underwater research teams too. 

White Arrow branch TADS is a dedicated line for dive expeditions inside IDREO.ORG, Navy, Army and Search/Rescue teams underwater needs and holds interest supporting a medical branch.

Currently is Mfg mostly in Germany with some custom components made in the USA.